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Gentlemen I can tell you that these BRIGGS AND STRATTON ENGINES are JUNK BOYS.(SLS500series) I have a Husqvarna 42" rider that had a BS engine on it, now I've raced professional carts and driven a supermodified open wheeled race car and my Grandfather was a master mechanic, I know a little bout it :) FIRST ENGINE BLOWN, Im riding it and she goes and I think hey I think I just blew the motor, I think naw, no way. Compression check Hmmm oh yeah u did.

Head to the dealer "Yeah these motors blow the Head gasket and push all the oil out" well shame on me for not knowing that... first ones on me. My bad should have know and checked the oil etc.. Convince the dealer to sell me a long block only just the engine he kept all the other stuff, carb starter etc.

Fine by me they wanted 850.00 for the whole unit. I'm doin all the work on this one pulled the engine,clutch, all of it, jack er up boys. New motor goes in, won't start??? Im thinkin hey its outta time???

Check the flywheel timing, seems a bit off from TDC, I call the deal hey can you please come over TO MY house, and check this thing. Pull the flywheel off and the keyway is sheared on this out of the box motor. Dealer "yeah that happens sometimes they are only aluminum" wow really an aluminum keyway, u cant use steel. New motor goes in 2011 July, today cuttin the grass puff of smoke and Im thinkin not again, u kidding me, crank her and I can just hear the piston scrapping the cylinder walls lookin for some compression 2 years on a brand new 350.00 to me long block and she's gone.


So I'll be callin them as I heard they are starting to make some of these in CHINA, I will be calling BRIGS direct to find out exactly where mine was made, can anybody say CLASS ACTION.... I can, I'm lookin at a cub cadet with a kohler on it, prior to this purchase I'll be calling Kohler to make certian where their motors are MFG, the briggs of today are not your Grandfathers and Dad's but hey its ok your makin good money right.

Review about: Briggs And Stratton Engine.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Cleveland, Georgia, United States #1350540

JUNK ENGINES!!! Do not buy!!!

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #826582

I raced ride on mower and nothing could catch the 16 hp B&S, but they were USA made now I work in the Machinery Hire Industry in Australia and we now get Japanese made B&S and the are totally *** smaller block engines with the same HP as Kohler but with stuff all low end torque, the Valves need adjusting every 100 hrs when Kohlers are self adjusting hydrolic lifters. The carby is also made by Nikki in Japan and is one of the worse carbies I have every worked on, B&S used to run Walbro Carbies which are the best but with all there price cutting they have lowered their standards. Good by B&S you have killed of your own industry for price.

Murray, Kentucky, United States #764869

I work at briggs on the production line; even management says the motors are junk. They encourage workers to buy honda! Briggs wants to lecture workers about quality but when issues arise we are told "run it", doesn't matter what the problem is!

Cracked cylinders, loose rocker posts, holes in valve seating, cracked valves, warped pistons; these are only a few of the issues WE the workers have pointed out & have gotten the same answer "RUN IT". Its all about quanity NOT QUALITY!

They lay off third shift production lines & increase production numbers. We can barely make quota, machine are slow & constantly breaking down. I see it as corporate wanting an excuse "plant out dated & cannot handle production", so they can close it and move it China.


I worked as a mechanic for years on heavy equipment and all sorts of consruction equipment. Anything with a Honda engine was indestuctable...Briggs are junk!

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